Because of the high demand of restorations, we're fully booked untill the end of 2018. We would like to restore your sneaker in 2019. Thanks for understanding.

We restore your sneaker

Sneakerrestore offers almost any type of repair for all sort of sneakers. Have a look underneath to get some more information

Which services do we offer?

At we can do almost any type of repair for all sorts of sneakers. Mainly we do sole swaps. This is where the old soles are replaced by new ones. The customer supplies the new soles. The supplied soles don’t have to be the same as the original soles. We can also use different kind of soles. Different soles on used sneakers is called hybrid.

It is also possible to only replace running soles or just the midsole if they are dehydrated.

Besides sole swaps and other repairs we have a special technique to clean the sneakers. The entire shoes are cleaned and all inaccuracies and dirt is taking off. After that the shoes are water-resistant.

Also, worn out uppers can be replaced. We can replace the whole upper shoes or just parts. We can repaint damaged shoes, fix stitches that are coming loose, or pad holes in inliner heels.

painting airmax
Sneaker soles restore

How do I get donorsoles?

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘’who supplies the soles for the sole swap?’’ The customer does. You can buy shoes on second-hand web shops or forums. We can remove the upper shoes with special lights so that the soles stay intact an can be used for the sneakers that need to be repaired. In case only outsoles need to be replaced it is possible that we have those in stock. This only goes for outsoles, we never have midsoles in stock. If we have outsoles in stock, the costs are € 30,- euro a pair (this doesn’t include the repair).

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