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The way we work

The workshop of contains a worktable and machinery. Here is where we do the soleswaps. The handmade foot molds fit perfectly which makes that the sole gets the exact accurate pressure when being pressed. We work with universal shoe lasts that fit in every type of sneaker. The repainting gets done in a dust-proof environment with an airbrush system. Furthermore we have specials lamps that help detach the outsoles from the upper. That way the soles don’t get affected by heat. Also we use no water so this won’t be absorbed by the soles.
So we know what we are doing, you can leave it all up to us!

The way we do business

If you want us to do a repair, you can contact us at The workshop is only accessible by appointment but you can also send your shoes to our workshop. You can contact us by filling out our order form. If you fill in your personal information and a description of the repair you will hear from us as soon as possible. Make sure you sign the form or we won’t take the repair into process. The order form must be send together with the sneakers, so we can double check everything.
Our repair time is at most 4 weeks, this depends on the type of restoration. We will keep you informed about the status by e-mail.

Shipping, billing and payment

If the sneakers are sent to the workshop without a signed order form, we will send them back and the shipping costs will be charged to the customer. All shipping fees will be charged to customers. The customer can decided for himself how the shoes will be shipped. All prices are in euros exclusive of VAT (6%), shipping cost, and other government fees. Customers outside the European Union (EU) don’t have to pay VAT. ships worldwide. As soon as the repair is completed you will be informed by e-mail and are asked to pay the amount due. When we receive the payment, we will ship the sneakers. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

Shipping outside of Europe

As pointed out earlier taxes aren’t charged on exports to countries outside the EU. In this case duty is paid in the country of import. When you send sneakers from a country outside of the EU to it is possible the package gets held up by customs. Customs will determine value for duty. They will estimate the value based on other similar shipping’s. That’s why it is wise able to keep the value as low as possible and send the package gifted. Just to be clear, it doesn’t happen regularly that a package is held up by customs but it can happen and this is a customer risk. doesn’t pay the tax and the package will be returned to sender. About 90% of packages that are sent to make it without a problem.

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