‘The art of bespoke sneakers is both creation and recreation’

Besides restoring exclusive sneakers, sneakerrestore.nl wants to give her customers the opportunity to create their own sneaker.
Together with the customer we look at their wishes and needs so we can create an beautiful end result.

Handmade sneakers

All handmade sneakers will be made in the workshop by Roel van Hoff. The price for handmade sneakers starts at € 800,- euro exclusive of tax. The total cost depends on the wishes of the customer. There are several choices between leather such as:
– snake
– elephant
– calf
– goat
– Several more

For colours and other materials we can use and make almost anything, so everything is possible! Roel van Hoff is a certified shoemaker and can work with all kinds of material. On our Instagram; (sneakerrestore.nl) account are several samples of shoes made by Roel van Hoff.

Handmade sneakers by Sneakerrestore

You can contact us at info@sneakerrestore.nl to make an appointment.
For customers that can’t come to our workshop there is the possibility to facetime.